Sunday, February 9, 2020

It's February Already and January Recap

OK, I know, it's already the middle of February and I haven't checked in with how I did on my January goals.  Well I think I did fairly well with the goals I set for January, so lets recap:

Goal #1.  Get the Dragon quilts basted and quilted. - Well, I got them both basted and both quilts got some basic quilting on them so that they were quilted "enough" to put the binding on them.  They were ready "enough" to hang in the "Old Broads" booth for Road to California.  I'm working on getting more quilting done on both of them in between the upcoming show this winter/spring.  I want to do a lot of detail work on them so it might take a while.  I've currently have the Blue Dragon quilt under the needle and it's coming along fairly well. Here's a shot of the Blue Dragon quilt in my booth at Road.

Goal #2.  Baste and quilt the Road to California 25th anniversary souvenir fabric quilt. -  I finished the Road quilt and it was ready to hang in the Road booth at the show.  I didn't get a chance to see it hanging in the Road booth but, I know that Matt was very happy with it when I gave it to him before the show.  I do have to say it was a bit of a challenge to come up with a way to use this fabric, but since I'm always trying to make things useful, I decided to do it in the One Block Wonder with panels style.  This is a new workshop that I am teaching and this will be a sample for the classes showing that instead of a panel you can use a section of the fabric as your center focus.

Road to California Celebrates 25 Years of Quilts

Goal #3. Cut and bag or label all the new fabrics that had come in since November for the "Old Broads" booth. - Did it.  So many fun fabrics.  I do have to say that cutting, folding and bagging/labeling the fabrics is kind of a Zen thing for me.  I really enjoy the process.

Goal #4.  Do inventory for the "Old Broads". - Well, I'm still working on it.  I have part of it done, but it's an ongoing process, what can I say...

Being a vendor and teacher at Road to California this year was a lot of many things, work, fun, work, teaching and of course more work, but I enjoy it.  I love seeing friends that I don't see often.  I love the response of my customers to all the fun things I sell in my booth.  I taught 3 classes this year and they all went very well.  My two ornament classes were a blast, with everyone walking away with the start of beautiful ornaments.  Thanks to everyone who took classes from me this year.  I also want to give a bit Thank You to my friend Lori, who came out from Maine, to help me in my booth.  She was very happy to be out here since they were having 0 degree temps at home.  She was able to take some classes while she was here.  

During Road I was able to have a little fun myself.  Bonnie McCaffery was at Road doing photo shoots for teachers and vendors.  I treated myself to a photo session to get a new head shot, something I really needed, since one of the pictures I use is really old and another was one that I had a friend take while we were out.  Bonnie did a great job getting some fun poses that I asked for and now I'm excited to see what comes from it all.

That's about all for now.  I'll be back soon with my with a couple of February goals.  It won't be many since February is already half over and I have 2 shows in Arizona back to back.  

Always Stitchin',