Half Day Workshops
Stepping Stones - A great way to use Bali Pops or lots of 2 1/2" strips from your stash.

Cappuccino a party for 4

Split Log Cabin

 One Day Workshops

The two Half Day workshops may be done as 1 day workshops as this will give the students more sewing time.  Weeping Willow and the Willow Bedrunner also use 2 ½’ strips or Bali Pops.  Drunkards Wave or Gummi dots are a great introduction into Judy’s great curved piecing techniques.  Tea Time Place Mats are a great one day workshop, they are so much fun to make are quick and you will learn some great new techniques.

Tea Time Place Mats

Weeping Willow                                                                                               

Willow Bedrunner

Gummi Dots or Drunkards Wave

Arizona Cactus

Cactus Flower

Farmer's Star

Prairie Pinwheels

Vintage Compass

2 Day Workshops

Any of the patterns listed above or the following:

 Storybook Pastures
Japanese Fans
Winter Wonderland Snowflake Table Runner

Ospery's Nest

Christmas Celebration

Celtic Sunrise

Autumn Splendor

3 Day Workshops

Any of the 2 day workshops or any of the following:

Diamond Wedding Ring

 Fire Island Hosta

 Bali Fever

 Golden Harvest

 Feathered Star Wall Hanging
Prairie Star/ Hawaiian Star

Bali Wedding Star

Bali Bedrunner

4 Day Workshops

Any of the 2 or 3 day workshops are great as 4 day workshops as this gives the students more time for instruction and sewing.

Technique of the Month

The Technique of the Month patterns, Mariner’s Compass or Glacier Star, are comprised of 6 sessions.  The pattern is included in the price.  An extra session at the beginning may be schedules as an introduction and kitting class, for an extra charge.  They can also be done as 2 - 3 day weekend retreats that are about 1 month apart.
 Glacier Star
Mariner's Star

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