Friday, January 3, 2020

2020 - A New Year, A New Decade

And with that being said, this year I am going to be setting up monthly goals for myself and posting about them here on my blog to make me accountable for getting them done.  That will help, hopefully, for one of my goals, which is to post more often.  There are always things that need to be done, so I should have lots of  goals that get done over this next year.

During Christmas this year we had rain and snow in the local mountains, it was a cold rain so the snow was way down on the mountains close to my house, which is unusual, so the day after Christmas I went out and got some great pictures of the view of the mountains from my front yard.

They looked so pretty, but I'm glad I'm down here and not up there.  I don't do cold very well. 

Goals for January

#1.  Baste and quilt the 2 dragon quilts that I need for samples in the "Old Broads" booth for the upcoming show, the first of which is Road to California in about 3 weeks.  
This is the blue version of the quilt and there is also a red version, both of which I want to display, since I will have kits for both versions for sale in the booth.

#2.  Baste and quilt the Road to California Quilt, made from the new 25th anniversary souvenir fabric, which will be on display in the Road booth at the show.  

#3.  And this is probably the most important of all is to get all the fabric that has been coming in over the past couple of month, cut, bagged and tagged for the upcoming shows.

#4.  Do inventory for the booth.  

Well I think this will keep me busy enough, plus as I mentioned, Road to California starts in a few weeks and I will be a vendor and be teaching 3 classes this year.  I will be teaching Christmas Celebration, a tree skirt/table topper and 2 classes of my Fun Fabulous Fabric Ornaments.  Check out  for more information on the show and all it's classes and events going on.

Now it's time for me to get to work.

Happy New Year Everyone!!


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