Monday, December 24, 2012

It's all my Fault!...

Yes, I take all the blame. OK, so let me explain. I'm in a Friendship group called "Diamond Girlz". We (me, Betsy B., Linda G., Nancy, Missy, Linda P., Brenda and our newbie Lyn)most of us have been together for quite a few years now. Last year I did the "Orca Bay" Mystery from Bonnie Hunter's Blog and they all loved it after I had finished it. So this year when the fabric colors were posted for the new Bonnie Hunter Mystery on Halloween, I knew that I had to tell the "Girlz" about it, especially since 3 of us are purple fanatics, me included. Everyone was so excited, the colors were great and they especially like the idea that it was going to be EASY!! Betsy (our biggest purple fan), she loves purple so much she has even dyed her hair purple, went straight to Lowe's and wiped them out of all the colors of paint chips from Bonnie's post, so that she could give everyone in our group a set to help with picking out our fabrics. BTW, what a great idea. Then the fabric collecting began. Some of us didn't have to go very far to find enough fabric, in all the colors needed for the quilt, others in the group didn't have quite enough of one color or another so they might have had to do just a little shopping.
We were all chomping at the bit, so to speak, waiting for the first clue to come out. And it's been like that every Friday from the start. The group as a whole usually gets the clue done before the week is out. There are a couple who haven't had a chance to get started, but they have been enjoying it all just the same. They love seeing what the rest of us have gotten finished.
So without further ado here are the parts that we currently have finished.

Here's my parts.

These are Nancy's.

Here are Betsy B.'s.
She's doing hers in batiks,
except for the white with black prints.

Here are Linda G.'s.

These are Missy's

I love the way everyone's parts are coming out. I'll have to post Part 5 when I get pics from everyone, but for right now I think everyone is just trying to get ready for Christmas.

Always stitchin', Cindy


  1. Wow, and the Girlz are doing a great job. Your quilts are gorgeous!

  2. It's great that you are doing this mystery as a group. All the colours are the same, yet each one is different. I look forward to seeing a picture of the finished quilts all together. Merry Christmas!

  3. All these mysteries look great!

  4. Totally impressive productivity -- and love your colour choices!!