Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Easy Street Finale...for some of us...

It's done!!!! I've finished my Easy Street Mystery top with pieced borders. The borders are pieced because I goofed on the part where we were making stacked bricks and I cut the strips the wrong size. I didn't realize the mistake until I had sewn the strips together and cut them into their 3 1/2" sections. So what do you do when life gives you scraps? Make the border for your quilt. I usually prefer doing something with the border other then just putting on just plain strips. I think for quilting I going to take it to my girlfriend's and put it on her longarm and just do a panto on it, since it is so busy. That's what I did with Orca Bay and it turned out great.

Betsy B.'s top is together, it looks great in all batiks.  She was looking for just the right purple for the border and Linda G. found the perfect one in her stash and gave it to her.  Quilting friends are the greatest.  For the small inner border she is going to use her left over turquoise which she has cut into strips and pieced into one long strip.  I's going to look fantastic when she is done.

The other "Girlz" in my friendship group who have joined me on this journey are still working hard at getting theirs finished.  Nancy has 1 A block, her 4 corners and all the setting triangles finished, but still has to finish the rest of her blocks.

Here is one of Missy A blocks.  She has all her parts done, so she just has to put it all together into her top.


The first pic shows Linda G.'s A block and the next one shows her stack of all her finished blocks.  We have a meeting today so we'll see how far everyone has gotten. 

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