Saturday, July 12, 2014

Getting reaquainted..

Change is a good thing.  I've been finding that out this weekend.  OK, so let's start from the beginning.  I needed more room for my fabric.  I had no place to put any new fabric or to be honest, no place for some of the fabric that has been sitting around in baskets and what have you waiting for a permanent place to live until it becomes a quilt.  So I decided to splurge and order the Elfa shelving units/sliding bins from The Container Store.  Granted I had some nice bins from Ikea, but they just couldn't take the weight of all the fabric I had in them and to be honest they weren't the right size for the closet they were in, so it wasn't a good use of the space.  So now I have some great sliding bins that are holding all the fabric plus a little more then what was in the original bins and they looks gorgeous.

So in having to switch all the fabric into their new homes/bins, I've been able to get reacquainted with some of my fabrics.  You know this really is a good thing, you get to remember what you bought some of it for, you can tell yourself that this piece would go great in this or that project and you get to say OK, it's time for some of you to find another home, yeah I know it's cruel, but you know sometimes it has to be done and it's new home will be so happy to have it.

Since I was able to put a little more into the new bins I am now in the process of rearranging my other fabric cabinet.
Lower section

Upper section
As you can see I have part of it back together in the lower section, the first 2 shelves,  I still have the upper section to work on and the rest of the lower section, but it's so nice to see open space in this thing instead of having it so packed full of fabric that you couldn't find anything.

Well I guess I really should get back to folding and making nice neat piles of fabric.

Have a great weekend!

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