Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Times flies...again!

 Where has the time gone.  I can't believe that we are getting ready for our first show of 2015 for A Couple of Old Broads.  We will be at the Valley Wide Quilt Show in San Jacinto/Hemet, Feb. 13-14.

Here's just a little recap of what's been going on here.  After a nice break during the summer the "Old Broads" started the fall show season with a great show in San Diego.  Then Lauretta and I took my clients on our annual beach vacation to Cayucos, Ca. I rent a beach house for a week and we go up for some great fun on the beach.  We get in a lot of sewing time along with sight seeing, shopping and lots of time to just veg.  After our time at the beach, the "Old Broads" did Quiltfest in Palm Springs, a new show put on by the Mancuso Bros.  Then in November we took a trip to Sacramento for the Rivercity Quilt Show, our last show of the fall season.  We are having a great time learning our new business and meeting lots of great people.

On the teaching front I've also been busy.  In August I had a great time in Wrightwood at the PineNeedles Quilt Guild.  They put me up at this cute little place. 

Sorry I can't remember the name of the place (I really need to start writing these things down) and yes that is my PT Cruiser parked in front.  It was a really nice place. The ladies of the guild had a great time learning to make Weeping Willow.

Next I got an unexpected call from Judy Niemeyer herself asking me what I was doing the week and if I would like to take the place of another Certified Instructor that had a health issue and couldn't make it to her lecture and workshop at the Santa Rosa Guild.  Well of course I couldn't say no to Judy, so off I went to Santa Rosa and what a great group of ladies.  I stayed at the program chair, Genelle's house which backs onto a private lake and when I got there after a long day of driving she had wine and cheese waiting.

I want to thank Genelle for being such a great hostess.  She also baked bread that was wonderful and we had it for dinner and breakfast the next morning. The Santa Rosa Guild had a morning guild and an evening guild.  I was doing my lecture and workshop for the morning guild.  The lecture went great and after the meeting the guild has a potluck lunch so I was feed very well.  I also ran into a friend, Carol LeMonye, who used to be in my guild, the Nite Owls, but moved to northern California a while back.  What a surprise to have her pop out of the kitchen, she is head of the hostess committee, and came to give me a huge bear hug.  It was so good to see her after all these years.  After the meeting there was an afternoon to kill and since I was up in prime No. Cal wine country Genelle took me wine tasting then out to dinner for fresh oysters.  The next day was the workshop and the ladies had a great time making the Cactus Flower Table Runner.

Here are just a few that were put together in class.  After the class it was time to pack up and since I was in the neighborhood I had made arrangement to pop down and spend the night with my brother and his wife who live an hour south of Santa Rosa in Novato.  It was so good to see Alan and Diana, even if just for a short visit.  The next morning it was time to hit the road and head home.  What a great unexpected trip.

More on the rest of my summer later as this is getting a little long.  I really do need to post more often.

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